Full Day Hunt

Basics of a European Hunt

There is a “center fort” that contains the birds for your hunt. 12 (or pegs as they are called in Europe), are located around the center fort.

  • Hunters are brought to an initial position in a blind then rotated to each blind around the fort after the completion of a ten bird release.Ten birds are released per rotation until all birds are released.
  • This unique hunting style creates a challenging overhead and pass shooting. A walk up hunt (or half day hunt)is included after the European Hunt.
  • A European Hunt requires a minimum of 10 hunters
  • Must be scheduled at least a week in advance to reserve sufficient time and field area for the hunt.
  • A European Hunt usually takes 3-5 hours.
  • Additional dogs and guides can be arranged with advance notice.

A $50 Deposit is required to guarantee your spot on any European hunt.


Open European Hunts

(open to any size group, example: 1,2,3,etc. – you don’t need 10)

If we have 10 or more total sign up for the open date, we will hold an Open European hunt. Call 269-646-9164 to reserve a spot, and a deposit will be requested.

2017-2018 DATES:

Nov 5  Open  10 hens/hunter @ $150 ea.

Dec. 9   Open: 10 hens/hunter @ $160 ea.

Jan. 21 Open: 10 hens/hunter @ $170 ea.