huntingareaAugust 15~31 For Dog Training                   Special:   4 Chukars/$60

September 1 – Opening Day Hunting

September Special
4 pheasants/ $80

October~January Special Group Hunt

50 pheasants for $900                                     2-7 hunters

**Half-Day Hunt per Hunter**           (More details go to:General Info)

3 Pheasants released        $70                                                                                                 4 Chukars released           $70                                                                                                 2 Pheasants/2Chukars      $80                                                                                               3   All Roosters                  $80

Additional Bird Released                                                                                                       Pheasants                       $20                                                                         Chukars                           $15

Hot Barrel Special

3 pheasants + 3 chukars/per hunter $110/per hunter

Kids Special  (full season)

Bring a kid 16 or younger; they get 2 pheasants for $40 with a paid adult hunter.

Dogs with guide available (advance notice required)

$50 for single hunter                                                                                                             $30 per hunter in groups of two or more

**No license required in Michigan for hunting on a preserve. Law as of March 2014.**

Open European Hunts 2016-2017      (More details go to: General Info)

European Style Hunt: Hunters are placed in blinds and rotated throughout the shoot. This unique hunting style with a 10 bird release creates challenging overhead and pass shooting. A walk-up hunt is included afterwards. For this Open European, we accept 1,2,3, etc. to sign up. If we have 10 or more registered, we will hold the Open European hunt.

Nov. 5    10 hens/hunter @ $150 ea.                                                                                  Dec. 11  –  10 hens/hunter @ $150 ea.

With 10 or more guys, you can create your own private European hunt.  Call Curt to set it up: 269-646-9164

$50.00 Deposit required guaranteeing your spot on European hunts.

HUNTING GIFT CERTIFICATES…The perfect gift for your special person who has everything.